I break up the word at-tention. I think of it as at-tension. Do I wish to be that tense?

I am at Heather’s place by 9:30 am to vacuum seal a tray of chocolate for Cricket who is making her way back to the USA.

I mail Alex chocolate.

Pat and I take a taxi to pick up a 2 liter jar each of Carl’s made in Vilcabamba extra virgin cold pressed coconut oil.

Trina arrives at the “office” around noon. I accompany her for lunch. She winds up changing spaces just before teaching her debut dance class.

I make it home before the rain and take a nap. I start watching the movie “The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”.

I meet up with the very happy post dance class Trina. Everything went well. 

We enjoy a very unique and delicious pasta special for dinner at Pura Vida.

I finish watching the movie.