Complicated programming almost completed. Power runs out and the thought of losing 4 hours of work lasts only until the computer reboots. Only 10 minutes lost.

Keisha calls and drops off a loaf of their rye bread. Hand ground rye flour makes it very yummy. 

Pat, Mark and I lunch at Hosteria Vilcabamba. I order the hamburger and fries. Delicious and only $2.20. Tiramisu for dessert.

Complete the programming task.

Chris, Ei Ei and I dine at an Ecuadorian run restaurant who’s name escapes me right now.

The rain pours hard on the way home.


This week’s shift will alter power patterns beyond anything you can imagine.

As a Lightworker, you may try to be grumpy, sad or in pain, but such feelings will not last long as they are no longer your point of interest. Too many sparkles of light will be within your being for you to maintain a cloudy demeanor. You will dance with joy only to have those remaining solidly in the third dimension frown and try to curtail your enthusiasm. They will tell you to be quiet, follow the rules, be careful and continue in pain and sorrow – to experience anything but joy.

This week is the tipping point. No longer are third dimensional beings in control of you or earth.

Previously, you maintained your New Age/new earth beliefs despite hits from those with outer-directed power or the third dimension. After this week, you will not need to curtail your love of life, joy or enthusiasm because you are now the leaders in thought, feelings and action.

Perhaps some of you remember how outraged many were when rock stars of the 60′s starting wearing unusual clothing and let their hair grow longer than was acceptable. Slowly such looks became the norm for rock stars, as well as many adults.

You have slowly (in your mind) transitioned to this week of phenomenal importance in this New Age shift. You are today’s rock stars/trend setters. You are the ones others will emulate and admire.

Welcome to the New Age in all it’s glory and all your sparkle. Those of the third dimension are outdated and old-fashioned.

What will become of those of the third dimension? Nothing other than their importance will be swept aside starting this week. So be it. Amen.