Finished packing my belongings. I’ve almost doubled the amount of possessions.

Noon arrives and I call a taxi to take me to my new “Casa”. A one bedroom apartment overlooking the valley and facing Mandango. My outdoor living space is equal to my indoor living space. Richard, my landlord, has had someone complete the framing outside to put large sliding glass in at two ends of the outdoor living space. This will block the rain and winds and make it habitable most of the time.

All my trepidation melts as I unpack. It takes an hour to put everything in place.

The internet checks out good. All systems GO.

I walk into the village. I sit with Sarah D. at the Juice Factory.

I get a Jerri hug before heading home with some fruit. I’ll be making my own fruit bowl now.

The rain comes.

I have my first full cup of coffee since I quit about 3 months ago.

I work in my new outdoor “office”.

Mandango View

Village View

Living / Dining / Office