I get up before the construction workers start blocking in the upper part of the end on my porch where the rain comes in.

I warm myself in the sun on the narrow deck that wraps itself around the back of my house. The sun there is available for about an hour in the morning.

I make my way into the village stopping in at Cafe Reike to buy some cream that stops insect bites from itching.

I lunch at the La Longevita Cafeteria on the main road across from the market. which has been closed for several weeks. She makes all the plates of the day from scratch. Today I indulge in spagetti heaped with shrimp in a tomato sauce.

Daren stops in as I am finishing up. It’s great to share some time with him while he finishes his meal. His home is a 3 hour trek up the mountain only accessible by foot, mule or horse.

I enjoy more time with Pat and Mark before catching a ride home with Gaby.

I take a nap.

The field infront of my new home is full of fireflies as I make my way to meet up with Trina at her dance class.

Trina and I make our way to Cafe Cultura for dinner. I feel wonderful sharing time with Trina. I discover things about myself whenever I am with her. The food is delicious too.

I walk Trina to Pura Vida after dinner and from there I make my way home.