Pat, Mark & I walk the Vilcabamba loop over to behind the zoo where Tom has taken up residence in a single story house with a wrap around porch close to the river. We visit for an hour and make our way along the other half of the loop.

I grab a cab and lunch alone at the Hosteria Vilcabamba.

Back in the village I pick up some snack food though the Chulpi aka Maiz Tostado eludes me.

Renata and I share a taxi back to my place where she visits briefly before going home.

If you’re wondering how to find me. Walk or take a taxi to the Quatro Escenas from the Plaza Centro. Turn right and walk until this gate appears on your left.


My Gate

Go up the steps and walk right along the front of the house then to the back. Take the metal staircase to the top. You’ve arrived.

View from the road a few steps past the metal gate