A mosquito buzzing my ear and taking the occasional bite delayed my sleep last night. I wake at 9:30 am.

I receive a response from the Agency in Germany who will apostille my birth certificate.

I am very happy to receive an email from my Sarah who sends her love and hugs to her Vilcabamba family.

I follow up on a package making it’s way here from Amazon. TransExpress the service that allow me to have a Miami, Florida address and ship things to Ecuador took it upon themselves to take two separate orders and package them as one. This broke the 4 X 4 rule on the wright side. The cost of exceeding the 4 Kilo weight allowance means a tax of 53 % of the value of the shipment. The $160 worth of goods cost  me $80 in shipping and $53 in extorsion (taxes). 

I walk into the village via an alternate route that gives me a chance to photgraph my new home from a different vantage point and avoid the dust of passing vehicles.

I eat soup at the place beside Merisol and chat with Stephen.

At the Juice Factory, I sit for several hours listening to Galen share his information on the manipulation of power and control with a couple of new people in the village.

Anna, the new chocolatier in the village, comes in to deliver her chocolate creations for sale at the Juice Factory. I am delighted to say the chocolates are delicious. When you look closely there is a “fortune” inside the wrapper. 

Along comes Jerri with her uplifting hug and presence. We sit until her drumming class starts.

I buy my second baguette and walk home.

I lie on my porch illuminated by the setting sun. I drift off for a few minutes.

The last lines in the Rocky Horror Picture Show film.

Lost in time. And lost in space … and meaning.