Wonderful dream. I awake at 7 am. My lower lip feels puffy. I think from a mosquito bite.

Jerri arrives after 10 am to cut my hair. This is what it feels like to be cared for. Same as when my daughter cuts my hair. How lovely to sit outside and be cared for. I am very happy with the haircut.

As I reach the 4 corners, Raphael drives by in his taxi and I jump into the back. Nancy is inside. We get out at the Juice Factory.

I stop to ask Wil if Trina is home. He joins me while I eat at Hosteria Vilcabamba. We chat about bitcoins. The Hosteria is out of beef so I opt for the fish meal. Same trimmings as a beef dish.

I walk back to Wil’s place with him. Trina is home. Trina and I catch up while she goes to the Library, we enjoy a juice and she sets up for her dance class.

I get back home as the light shower arrives.

I watch the start of several movies I have downloaded and settle on Black Narcissus.

I apply some of my cream to my exposed skin and add Palo Santo to see if this will keep the lone mosquito at bay.