I awake from a dream where I am looking for my seat on a commercial flight. I am unable to read the seat number without reading glasses and I wind up back in the airport. In the airport I am unable to find my flight because I am unable to make out the gate on the boarding pass.

The craftsmen arrive to install the windows outside.

Pat, Mark and I walk into the village and take a taxi to Kitzia’s BioFlora farm. Trina, Wil and many other people are there picking up fresh organic produce. It feels incredible to feel connected with everyone. I pick up my pre-ordered 5 pounds of dehydrated organic pineapple.

I accept an invite from Trina to go to Mofwoofoo’s land. Wil and his gardner accompany us. Mofwoofoo lives in a treehouse and has other people staying with him on the land.

The Bathroom

Other Buildings

Back in the village I pick up my package at the post office. My all in one double boiler and my stainless steel dried banana grinder has arrived.

I exchange a hug with Jerri.

I get back to find my deck cleaned, new furniture, new cushions and sliding glass installed on one side.

It’s so great to nap whenever I feel like it.

I make my first batch of pineapple chocolate.