I am surprised to feel alert after 6 hours of sleep.

I send off an email to Sarah and finish a piece of programming.

I enjoy my Hari Krishna meal sitting at the Juice Factory.

I am happy and buy myself a present. A HAPI Slim drumtuned to A  Akebono.I am so happy I buy a Agave drum made by Sergio here in Vilcabamaba. My happiness continues so I get a gourd rattle. I top it all off with a leather warrior armband from another artist.

Video shows “original” HAPI drum. Available at¬†http://hapitones.com.


Agave Plant and cow skin drum.


Gourd Rattle sounds like rattlesnake.


Leather Armband

Renate and I walk to Chaska’s new place together. I really like the place. Jerri, Amalaa, Kitzia & her boys, William, Annie and Chaska are there when we arrive. I enjoy the delicious food, the view from the roof top deck. The fireplace takes away the wind chill as the sun sets. I love being here with all these people. Several more people arrive and large metal singing bowls flow through the space and give everyone individual attention.

I walk Renate home.