I dream that I am told that I am in a play. I am relieved that the actors are reading from a script. When I get my script I cannot read the lines or determine what my role is. 

I am pleasantly surprised when Trina comes by. We have a great sharing.

A white helicopter circles the valley, passes right by my place and lands in the football field. It’s the first aircraft sound I’ve heard in the valley.


Pamcho drops off the hat decoration I commissioned him to make for me. It’s for the hat party at Monte Suenos.

Trina, Pamcho and I walk back into town. Pamcho says it’s Correa, the President of Ecuador, who arrived in Vilcabamba to see the progress of the highway being built. 

Trina and I take some Chinese food back to her place for lunch.

I come back into town for Will’s drumming class which gets held infront of the church because the hall is being used for a Christmas event. Some people join us as we drum and  one woman stops to sing along.

A fellow Torontonian, Selen, stops and introduces herself to us all. She joins us for dinner at Sambucha’s.

Melissa comes to my place.