Luxuriating in some extra sleep before breakfasting on mushed bananas drizzled with melangeur ground almonds.


Big Melangeur used for Cacao.

Sunshine and 70 degrees Fahrenheit weather gives Christmas eve a disconnected feeling.

The lack of Christmas “buy this” frenzy in the small family owned businesses of the village a low stress ambiance.


The Cat Relaxing on My Table

A sense of family and friendship pervades my feelings for the beings here in Vilcabamba.

I enjoy Jade’s apocalyptic exploration from  my post dimensional shift vantage point.

Jennifer comes by to see if Trina is around. We get a chance to chat for a bit.

I drop off chocolate fo Bernie and to wish him a Merry Christmas.

I drop off the sleeping bag at Wil’s.

I get the opportunity to eat a Sambucha salad while sitting with Jade and Scott. I like the dialog we have.

I share time with Trina and we both come back to my place. 

I go to Monte Suenos for the pot luck and hat party. There is wonderful spread of food. I  love the music, the warm weather and the amazing people. I am close to tears with joy.


Several of us share a taxi back home.