Merry Christmas to all far and wide. Love, peace and harmony!

Trina and I celebrate Christmas morning together. Breakfast is mangoes and bananas drizzled with chocolate, almond butter and honey.


Sienna, Trina and I enjoy lunch on the terrace at Madre Tierra. Simon joins us in a delightful conversation.

Trina and I walk back to the village square. The sun is hot overhead as the meal slows my metabolism. Many of the villages restaurants and shops are open. I cab home and lie down for a nap. Trina returns a while later.

I love connecting with my Sarah for a Christmas phone call.

My home is filled with Trina’s voice as she practices her singing lessons while an enjoy the sun setting on another beautiful day.

Trina and I watch the 1951 version of a Christmas Carol. I love the last 10 minutes when Scrooge discovers he is still alive and changes his ways.