The veil thins as the matrix of my life is exposed. Each letter of the alphabet are the digits on the tumbler of a combination lock. Left then right then left until I hear the click. I pull the level and open the door to a new world. I peer from the digital age into the energetic age. A new way of navigating life with the ability to detect energetic changes. In dualistic terms, the loss or gain of energy through my existence. What do I feel energetically. How do I play energetically. All is seen from an awareness of energy. Creating through the word  be-cause it carries an energetic charge.  And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.

Trina and I walk into the village after breakfast.

I wander from place to place for about 45 minutes before settling next to Jerri on one of the benches at the square. We share some insights before I make my way to the Juice Factory.

Stephen and I lunch together exploring ideas about the authentic self as I enjoy my lunch.

As Stephan rises to leave, Selene takes his place.

Selene and I walk to my place where I share food and chocolate with her and sip on Lemongrass tea from the garden. I like getting to know her. She’s here from Toronto only a short walk from where I use to live.

I nap.

I watch the movie 500 Days of Summer. I like it.

What a dream!