I feel good sleeping until I decide to get up.

I make two batches of chocolates. I love the taste of a new recipe of almonds, cacao and honey.

I eat lunch with Trina at her place.

I buy a Alpaca blanket.

I nap.

I video tape Trina’s performance with some of her students. They’re the opening performance for the start of the New Years festivities.

The square is filled with people and the music plays as midnight approaches.

Some fireworks go off 10 minutes before midnight.

Midnight arrives and there are lots of hugs. The effigies are lit in the middle of the streets. I jump over 3 burning piles of effigies. Firecrackers have been going off all night and continue to do so.

I love celebrating in a place which is warm and feels lawless. People drinking in the street without hassle.