I walk to my place then Stephanie’s. From there we walk and call on Heather. Then the three of us walk to the meditation center to meet up with Pat, Tiffany and Kristov. Ann joins us and we all walk over to Elena and Vlad’s for the raw food lunch.

It’s a sunny clear and we sit under a cloth to shade us amongst the mandarin and orange trees.

Everybody is thoroughly enjoying their refreshments and meal.

The conversations are engaging and the noon turns into after 3 pm.

Tiffany and I stop at the Rendezvous to say goodbye to some of the people who attended the Arun course.

Tiffany and I have a good conversation before Jack comes by her house.

Jack, Tiffany and I meet up with some people at Jardin Escondido  for dinner.

I walk back to my house sitting place under a clear starry sky.