I am up before 8 am.

I participate in a conference call for an hour.

I receive an email from Renee saying she had a dream where she is having coffee with me in Vilcabamba and many synchronicities are pointing her in that direction. That will be great.

I sit with Galen at the Juice Factory while he has lunch.  We are joined by an interesting fellow named Rob who only yesterday came into the village.

I arrive at Trina’s at 1:30 pm. She’s prepared a delicious lunch. Salad and corn on the cob from the garden and a rice dish. I am delighted with the conversation about relationships and the different kinds of love.

I am being recalibrated & rewired.

A couple of weeks ago, the phrase kept running through my mind, “Something is being recalibrated…” As I felt my way into it, I realized that it was the Earth, her energetic configuration was being changed.

Then, FWHAM! for over a week I was exhausted. And so was everyone else I know. Often this sort of fatigue means we were getting rewired. In this case, after the Earth went through her recalibration, our awareness fields were rewired to be in sync with her new configuration.

The process is not unlike installing new software on your computer. First, you load the new software program, then you have to reboot the computer; you have to take the whole computer down, then bring it back up—in a new configuration. All of that fatigue? We were being taken down in order to integrate our new software.

Lucia Rene http://www.unplugfromthepatriarchy.com


The land free from air conditioning and heating