I accomplish some work that I felt was difficult but turned out to be easier than what my thoughts were projecting. I remind myself of an easier outcome when I notice my mind supporting my resistance to a task.

Trina arrives around noon and I take some time to hang out.

I’m at the Vilcamamas restaurant at 1:30 pm for a “Detox” salad and some pierogies. I enjoy the company of Galen.

Galen and I go to the Juice Factory where Galen shares a piece of Amalaa’s┬áTiramisu with me. Yummy.

I decide to find the new Mr Tomas restaurant. I walk uphill from the Juice Factory and turn right at at the end of the next block which leads to the bus station. I walk as far as the  main road and turn left on to the main road. I walk another block uphill, cross the main road following the road that leads to Vilcanets office. I turn left onto the dirt road going uphill. The dirt road comes to an end with a path leading to a road a few feet further away. There is a sign saying Mr Tomas restaurant with an arrow pointing to the right. I head in the direction the sign is pointing. A few houses down, there it is Mr Tomas. It looks inviting and I will be checking it out soon.

Mr Tomas Restaurant