From Thought to Intuition:

With information overload comes the breakdown of thinking. Thinking, by my definition, is my ability to differentiate for the purpose of choosing. In my former dualistic world it was easy. Good or bad. Right or wrong. Add up the pluses and deduct the minuses to come up with a decision. Today, when I walk into a modern coffee shop, the choices for ordering a coffee have expanded way beyond “would you like cream and sugar with that?”

I am living in a muti-dimensional universe. Uni-verse implies a one-choice existence. Maybe in the one cell organism part of my evolution I was faced with splitting in half as my one and only life choice but in my several trillion cell earth body my options have expanded.

The very amazing tool I call my mind is only good at differentiating 24 distinct sensory inputs a second according to a report I read. Thus those 24 “still” pictures making up a second of a film blend into something that fools my mind into interpreting it as motion.

Time, that mysterious thing which allows me to differentiate and choose, feels like it’s collapsing in direct proportion to the number of choices I am facing. It’s taking me more time to make choices. Choices span days and therefore the feeling of completion evades me. Where has the day gone?

All of this mind work is designed to result in a flash-point. A final decision that leads to action. The creative process. The shift to the other hemisphere of my brain. These epiphanies can happen without the thinking struggle. Great inventions are sometimes born this way and followed up with elaborate explanations.

I define intuition as an experience of serial epiphanies. I am discovering that there is a reinforcing loop of being involving trust and surrender. Trust leads to surrender. Notice I said being rather than doing. Doing is the operative word of thinking. My mind likes to think about doing or recall previous doings to support future doings. That’s a lot of dodo. 

I stay home all day. I do some work.

Renata, Una, Pat and I dine at Cafe Cultura in one of the rooms. Nice ambiance, great food and the ladies look lovely.

Pat, Una and Renata

We all walk to the Vilcamamas restaurant and manage to participate in the raffle. Una wins one of the prizes and so does Pat.

We walk to Roots where a packed house is listening to the band. A little too loud for us so we stand across the street for a while and listen.

We walk Una back to the Rendezvous and then the three of us walk back home.