FULL Moon.

I just lie in bed after waking up.

Pulled the foam out onto the deck and crawled into my sleeping bag for an  early afternoon nap.


Trina comes by.

I receive an email from my Sarah. Yay!

Pat and I walk the Vicabamba loop and end up at Shanta’s for pizza. It’s been a while and it tastes great.

On our way into the village we see a small ferris wheel being erected at the edge of the village. 

I enjoy a tea at Pura Vida then walk home.

Pat sends me a link http://vimeo.com/56530490 his daughter Olivia sent him. It’s a documentary about transformational festivals. Waterwoman is featured near the middle of the Video and I can be seen at 6 minutes 14 seconds standing in the crowd. My second of fame. Thanks Pat & Olivia.