Happy Birthday Celeste!

A new Facebook group called Vilcabamba Gringos is launched by Tamara Wilson. Any language postings are allowed. Colourful language, political and religious topics are permitted.

I drop off some peanut butter chocolate for Bernie.

A tea with Renata at Sambuca’s.

The pre-carnival water balloon and foam sprays are appearing in the Square.

Trina and I walk to my place and hang out for a short while before coming back into the village.

The Peruvian woman from whom I bought some beautiful weavings are back in Vilcabamba. One of the women repairs my backpack I bought last time they were here.

Ginna, Felix, Tamera and Frank come by my place for tea and chocolate. We all walk into the village and eat dinner at Sambuca’s.

Two person elastic catapults are launching water balloons across the square.

The Ferris wheel is up and turning along with a automobile train shaped like a bug and lit with green fluorescent light. Very simple amusements for the children and their parents.  

Galina, Cliff and I chat for a bit.