My day count for entries is out of sync with the calendar.

I work until 5:30 pm.

I watch YouTube videos on encryption and number theories.

I look at the etymology of the word com-promise. Which means together-promise. An agreement between 1 or more people to adhere to predictable behaviour (be-to-have). This lead me to think about expectation and the possibility of an expected outcome. I can experience an outcome as either pleasure or pain. If I am taught at an early age that most of my actions lead to a painful outcome then I become a pessimist. Otherwise I am anĀ optimist. What is a life like when it is lived without expectation or com-promise. What if it is expectation and com-promise that is the root of suffering. A promise to be in order to have.

Money has become associated with the power to influence outcome. More importantly a pleasurable outcome. A YES outcome. The size of the number influences who will control the benefits of the com-promise. Therefore there is a race to accumulate the most digits. A com-promise is required when there is an one party will lose in order for the other party to gain. Ultimately all participants lose because they will be unable to act authentically in the future. Promises are an attempt to control the future.