Ayda comes by to clean.

I meet up with Galina and Cliff at Mr Tomas’ restaurant. The view from the second story gives a mountainous panorama. The food is tasty. I receive the benefit of language miscommunication when I order a te negro con crema and receive a nice big cup of black tea with a freshly made helping of whipped cream. Dessert in a cup.

I make two batches of chocolate similar to my last two batches. 1 – Cacao paste, almond pieces, cacao butter, coconut oil and tree honey. 2 – Cacao paste, peanut butter, cacao butter, coconut oil and tree honey.

I get intrigued by YouTube videos on probability which leads to a video on the idea of humans behaving in bursts and networks.

In a dualistic world does everything come down to Yes or No?

Is information valued based on it’s scarcity?

I wrote about the word com-promise which means together-promise. How do feel when you hear the statement “something is being com-promised”? Does person asking for com-promise gain an advantage? When is there a requirement for com-promise?

I watch the rest of the movie Life of Pi.