I wake to the sound of rain. It’s my cue to lie in bed.

I walk to Chaska’s and pick up a jar of the super honey.

I pass out chocolate to all the people and kids gathered infront of the church saying hello to the birthday boy Ambrose.

I drop off chocolate for Bernie.

I share some time with Trina.

I pick up a copy of the video shown on French TV about longevity in Vilcabamba from Kathy and Ed. There is a split second of Pat and I sitting at the Juice Factory. Watch it hereĀ http://lovegrows.ca/vilcatv.html.

I complete some work.

Out of alignment conversation turn arounds:

If the person is talking about something other than themselves. Ask them “how does that affect you?”

If the person is suggesting someone other than themselves “to do something”. Ask them “what are you doing about it?”

If the person uses the term “we” when suggesting “to do something”. Ask them “why are you including me?”