My interpretation of E=MC2:

same as Energy = Matter x Constant x Constant

same as Life = Form x Change x Change

same as Life = Form x Infinite Change

same as Life experiences itself as infinitely changing form

There are two operating systems that run programs. The IS system runs ANY program without judgement of outcome. The being running the IS system experiences the outcome and makes discoveries. The IS being is open to ALL experiences and experiences constant infinite change. The other system is the GOOD / BAD system that runs ALL programs. The being running the GOOD / BAD system experiences the outcome and accepts the outcomes judged as GOOD and denies the outcome judged as BAD. The GOOD / BAD being is OPEN only to GOOD experiences and experiences minimal change.

Human languages are programming languages. Using English as an example. A being with the IS system will hear the statement “Beautiful Jane performed a terrible dance routine” as “Jane performed a dance routine” by¬†ignoring all adjectives and adverbs. A being running the GOOD / BAD system will emphasize the “Beautiful” and minimize or ignore “terrible”. The latter system will create a JOY / FEAR emotional charge.

Ideas, concepts and beliefs are programs that filter life experiences / discoveries. Repeatable, shared experiences / discoveries become behaviours resulting in facts.

Of course all the above can be considered an idea, concept or belief.

I can hear all the carnival festivities going on in town from my porch / livingroom / office as I work all day.

One Billion Rising video put together by Cliff and Galina. Cudos to them and the dancers too.