Life is infinite. All possibilities already exist. Consciousness chooses which possibility to focus on. Life is existence and consciousness is a witness to existence. A judging consciousness experiences heaven and hell. A being consciousness experiences peace.

A judgment consciousness chooses separation from experiences deemed bad and attachment to experiences deemed good. The experience exists and meaning is applied. 

The being consciousness IS with the experience of existence. The Doing Not Doing experience.

I eat a Pitaya which cleanses my colon. The process starts within 45 minutes.


Pat & I walk the loop and eat at the Chinese restaurant. New menu and higher prices. My soup and rice goes from $3.50 to $4.00.

Renata, Galina, Cliff and I take a cab up to see a place for rent.

Renata and I enjoy tea and each others company. A full rainbow hangs over the valley as I leave.