I am arrive at the Juice Factory at 8:30 am.

As I walk towards the bus station, a empty yellow cab slows and asks if I am going to Loja. Not being a Ruta Taxi I hesitate a split second before jumping in. I have the back seat to myself. The driver stops just before San Pedro and picks up another passenger. I arrive in Loja 45 minutes later for $3. The cab heads back to Catamayo known as Loja Airport.

I walk to the Notary’s office and get copies of all my papers notarized. In addition, I have a declaration of my single marital status prepared and notarized.

I buy supplies at Super Maxi as well as almonds at the Fruit Market known as Diego’s.

I am back in Vilcabamba by 1 pm where I eat another fruit bowl at the Juice Factory with Eliza.

Will comes over from 9 – 12 pm.