I have 2 copies of the book The Book of Mirdad printed and bound.

I order a pie from Tamara.

I enjoy Renata’s company .

Heather and I go for a walk along the canal road. There is a large house overlooking both San Pedro and Vilcabamba that I have been curious about along the way. As we’re looking up a man waves for us to come up. ¬†Edgar takes us for a tour of the property and the house. There is a large gazebo and a separate building with a stone oven. The whole house is wrapped around by a large veranda. The pasture and garden are organic. Inside the house is a lage living room surrounded by 5 bedrooms. The dining room has a table that easily seats 20 people. Upstairs is the master bedroom with a large balcony over looking the valley. Edgar is an easy going gentle man. He is retired and is teaming up with his son to rent out the rooms and facilities.

I light drizzle is our companion walking back into town.

Heather makes a tasty meal and we read The Book of Mirdad to each other.