I am awake by 7 am.

I eat a fruit bowl at the Juice Factory and I ge to know Jim the chiropractor.

Heather & I hire Guillermo as our taxi driver to take us to Loja. He drives carefully. We arrive in Loja to discover the Apple Store is closed.

I buy a 10 pound bag of almonds at Diego’s.

We located the address where Heather’s settee she ordered in Cuenca was suppose to be ready for pick up. The place is closed even though Heather was assured they will be open when we get there.

We return to Vilcabamba and have lunch at Madre Tierra.

Heather and I both have packages waiting for us at the post office.

Heather makes a delicious dinner and bakes a pie.

We watch a movie.

I am home before 9 pm.