I dream I am looking at a building that I have a picture of in my hand. I am with my daughter Sarah. I am comparing the photo with what I see close by. As I look at it in more detail, I see what appears to be minor differences. Then the building starts to collapse until only a pile of ruins remains.

I finish uploading to Pondo’s YuoTube channel all the videos of the performance of the Eastern and Western Band taken on Mar 17th at Madre Tierra. See them here http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGhRSd1J4Tg1gXyr0sl0wDMHMbaR3bZQS&feature=view_all

I take a taxi out to Cucanama for lunch and a visit with Galina and Clif.

Lunch is delicious and followed by a heaping plate of homemade yummy cookies served with tea.

I enjoy our conversation around several topics including chocolate and bitcoins.